A country garden in August

By James Wall

Having got out of Melbourne for a visit to an aunts 80th birthday, I headed to a little place just outside of Daylesford, down here in Victoria. A place once bustling with gold rush, but now a sleepy hollow with cows and potatoes, it was good to take a break from the big smoke.

There is another aunty who lives just down the road. Mum said to me when I left the party, call in and have a look at Marj’s garden. She was good to tell me that, because around this little miners cottage was a jewel of a garden. With no one else around, it made exploring it all the more surreal.

There are formal hedges and desolate succulents on tables. Hebes, flax, climbers, iberis and big juicy hellebores that in real life were show-stoppers. This climate is cold in winter and damn hot in summer. At its wintery moment, it is like a sleeping giant, about to come alive.

What I loved about it was all the little nooks and crannys, and the way that there are different surfaces, pots and choices of plants that somehow work. If a lesser gardener tried this, it could turn into a jumbled mess, but my aunty Marj has got a real artistic style, and this garden just inspires.

I loved it so much, there are a lot of photos. I hope you enjoy them, and get something out of them for your garden. I know I will !


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