Rob and Jane cross the Nulla.

You’ve seen the movie – no you haven’t. But this story does somehow remind me of ‘Thelma and Louise’ which sees our cast comprising of two of 3AW’s finest gardeners and experienced travellers. I bet they do have a few travellers stashed away somehwere in that caravan.

That’s right, you probably heard Vasili filling in for Jane Edmanson on the 3AW gardening show. Jane is caravanning across the Nullarbor with Robyn Holloway – a legend herself in the art of selling radio advertising. So as the 2 ride off into the distance looking for their Brad Pitt, lets hear a few thoughts from this dynamic travelling duo:

August 3rd

Hi All,  it’s Wed 2pm and we are at Ceduna just about to go for a walk/explore.  27 degrees, sunny, eating at the sailing club tonight with the sailors!!

Car and caravan just magnificent.  Sleeping like logs and drinking and eating like royalty.Scenery just perfect, birds lots of galahs, dingoes, elephants, emus (true)  Staying in Wayside stops with other caravanneeeers and also at parks.

Both well and laughing all the time.

August 7th

Still on the Nulla and having the best time ever.  Yesterday we spent 5 hours at the head of the Bight watching the magnificent whales with their amazing babies,  So close to the shore and around 40 Mums and calves!!!  Today as we crossed from Ceduna to Eucla we stopped off at every point possible, drove down to the Bight and sat watching more whales, giant limestone cliffs, sand dunes, turquoise sea, very restful and quite overwhelming again.

The wayside stops are fantastic and lot’s of travellers use them instead of staying in caravan parks.  They are set in the scrub, no electricity of course but we have the battery pack for all power and the Baby Q Weber for cooking on.

August 12th

Hi all,

We are off the Nulla, we made it, we received our diploma from the Information centre Norseman, we also bought one of those lovely we crossed the nulla tea towel for you all!!!

We didn’t contribute to any road kill . We managed to eat and drink our way across in great humour, laughing all the way to the next gum tree.

So here we are in sunny downtown Esperance in the Foreshore Caravan Park, after camping off road across the nulla, the hot shower was fantastic.

Today we spent touring the Archipelago, sea lions, fur seals, dolphins, sea eagles just to mention a few of the highlights, and the great tourist road around the most magnificent beaches I have ever seen.

We met this bloke who lives in Mornington, travels here each year to take visitors into Cape le Grand and he is taking Jane and I out for the day tomorrow….. not my type but Jane?   He’s a true blue aussie rough diamond.  Lovely bloke who helped us unhitch the caravan, please note the corrects terminology we are picking up!!, and talked for the hour and a half on the intricacies of caravanning….tyre pressure, parking, backing…etc.

From us both we are good, enjoying the fun of travelling this wonderful country, listening to the sea, watching the bright stars.

August 15th

Beautiful morning to wake up to this morning . we are sending this today as we are heading back across the Nulla calling into Fowlers Cove (3 days away) to go whale watching in a boat. Then to  Streaky Bay to pick some supplies for the way home and that will be a hessian bag of oysters. Bike riding into the Clare Valley and topping up the cellar at Barossa.

We have had 3 days in Esperance  lovely to have a sabbatical.  Cape Le Grand is a wonder.  The wildflowers were beautiful and the beaches superb.  We left at 8am and got home around 5pm. Long day but worth it.  Yesterday we went to Lake Moonabell gardens to see the grevilleas, Banksias, Hakeas etc.  All natives endemic in W.A. amazing!!

We then saw a sign ‘Yabbies’ and bought 1,1/2 Kilos– 9 inches long.  Before we could prepare them for eating they escaped from there carry box and scuttled all across the floor in the bathroom,   into the sink .into the veggie box etc. Tricky little devils to pick up. We are hoping we don’t meet any on Nulla waiting for us in the bathroom!!!  They were big enough to even eat the claw meat.

This will be the Rob and Jane Show saying Hooroo for now, and we hope you tune to have a listen in Monday morning next week….We think we’ll go home now!!!


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  1. Jane says:

    This sounds like a wonderful trip/ adventure you’re having, and I’m extremely jealous, HOWEVER, I put the word ‘Hakea’ in the search bar and your story came up !!
    Weird, maybe you saw one somewhere! 🙂

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