Living Treats For Mother’s Day

Gardenworld would have to be like a lolly shop for mums. All week we have had ooohs and aaahs from mums who have visited the store.

Sure we have beautiful tea towels and mugs, but it is always the living gifts that walk out the door first.

A flowering pot plant lasts so much longer than a bunch of flowers.

Water the base of the plant and keep the flowers dry and they will flower for twice as long. Cyclamen like going out into the cold so would love the back patio where they would flower for months.

It’s not just cyclamens and chrysanthemums either. There are also flowering begonias, tulips, hyacinths, and the new Euphorbia Lipstick. An early favourite seems to be the hyacinths. It must be their alluring fragrance.

We have gift wrapped stock ready to go, or come in and wrap your own at our free wrapping station.

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and here are a few pictures of some of our treats. Enjoy !



Tulips will love the cold temperatures forecast for Mothers Day.


These tuberous begonias will flower for months.

Gift wrapped hyacinths are walking out !

pink flamingo

This pink flamingo is handmade using thousands of beads.


Cyclamen are still one of the favourites.


These beautiful terrariums make a very classy gift.


Last but not least - the traditional chrysantheMUMS !


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