National Tree Day – Sunday 29th July

National Tree DayIf you are not doing much this Sunday, this is a great activity to get the kids off their computer games and interacting with nature. You can join a Council organised community planting, or even plant one in your garden at home.

Last year on this day over 1 million trees and shrubs were planted across Australia.

In May 2012, Planet Ark developed a report, sponsored by Toyota Australia, focusing on the benefits of interaction with nature for children’s health, wellbeing and development. The report, Planting Trees: Just What The Doctor Ordered, builds on a 2011 study commissioned by Planet Ark that showed a dramatic and worrying shift in childhood activity in Australia from outdoor play to indoor activity in the space of one generation.

“Childhood is a time of rapid physical, mental and emotional development. Time spent in nature provides a diversity of sounds, sights, smells and textures, and a variety of plants, animals and landscapes that children can engage with. This mental and sensory stimulation is important in human developmental processes.” From Planting Trees: Just What the Doctor Ordered.

National Tree Day

To download this report, go to the planet ark website, where you can also find out about you local family tree day – get involved !

We did a search on the website and found man of the planting activities within 17 km from Gardenworld. They are listed below:

29-Jul-2012 City Of Kingston Council Any Mordialloc Vic This project is to continue the vegetation corridor along the creek to provide habitat for birds, reptiles, insects and small mammals View details 0.6
28-Jul-2012 Parks Victoria – Braeside Any Braeside Vic National tree day will focus on planting species which wil lcreate a greater biodiveristy of the parkland area. View details 3.8
29-Jul-2012 City of Greater Dandenong Any Dandenong Vic planting low wetland species to increase and improve bird and frog habitat. View details 6.1
01-Sep-2012 City of Greater Dandenong Any Dandenong Vic Improving the local flora and fauna reserve by planting in an area that has been cleared of weeds and needs understorey planted to improve lizard habitat. View details 6.8
29-Jul-2012 Clarinda Lions Club Any Heatherton Vic Clarinda Lions Club is hosting a National Tree Day activity at Karkarook Park in Heatherton. This is an important park in the area that we have been revegetating for several years now in conjunction with Parks Victoria. We are serving a free BBQ at the end of the morning’s planting and would love to see you there….on top of the hill in the Dragonfly shelter. View details 7
29-Jul-2012 Parks Victoria – Karkarook Any Moorabbin Vic Planting will focus on building on the great work undertaken in previuos years to revegetate the park. This year further plantings will help to create a biodiverse site which will help attract a variety of animals and birds to the site. View details 7
29-Jul-2012 City Of Kingston Council Any Bonbeach Vic Restoration of sand dunes on foreshore reserve. View details 7.3
29-Jul-2012 City Of Kingston Council Any Carrum Vic Planting a range of native plants to help develop the habitat link between Roy Dore reserve and Eel Race Drain. View details 8.8
28-Jul-2012 Carrum Indigenous Nursery Any Patterson Lakes Vic Carrum Indigenous Nursery is hosting an Open Day on Saturday 28th July 2012 from 11am – 4pm to celebrate this year’s National Tree Day. We will be running guided tours of the site, demonstrations of processes and hope to attract new volunteers. As a special for Tree Day we will be giving away free tube stock to visitors to the nursery. Please note: It is unlikely we will have any planting activities on the day as access to our project site is currently under water. View details 9
28-Jul-2012 Kingston City Council Any Carrum Vic Please join Kingston Interfaith Network in the rehabilitation of the sand dunes at Carrum foreshore. The aim of the day is to plant indigenous native species of the area. Planting indigenous native species offers habitat to native birds and animals, and helps to reduce the greenhouse effect. View details 9.2
29-Jul-2012 Frankston City Council Any Seaford Vic The area to be planted has important conservation value, with existing high quality spinifex and other native grasses. However, parts of the area are very bare at the moment, with a large amount of vegetation being lost due to exposed position, wind and previously the drought. The last two years we planted lots of native grasses, shrubs and ground covers to stablise the dunes and create habitat for native animals. This year we will continue the good work with more of the same. It is a beautiful… View details 9.3
11-Aug-2012 City of Greater Dandenong Any Dandenong Vic Planting native plants to soften landscape and improve habitat values of the Dandenong Creek. View details 10
29-Jul-2012 Citywide Service Solutions Any SANDRINGHAM Vic The site was covered in ‘Boxthorn’ that has been removed for revegetation with indigenous plant stock collected from the local area. View details 10.4
05-Aug-2012 City of Greater Dandenong Any Dandenong Vic Planting understorey plants to increase and improve the habitat values. View details 12.8
29-Jul-2012 City of Monash Any Mt Waverley Vic Revegetation of Scotchmans Creek corridor. Sausage Sizzle provided for volunteers. View details 13.4
29-Jul-2012 FRIENDS OF DAMPER CREEK RESERVE INC. Any MOUNT WAVERLEY Vic Understorey planting to control erosion on the banks of Damper Creek. View details 14.8
29-Jul-2012 Friends of Frog Hollow Any Hallam Vic This planting event is part of the ongoing re-vegetation work that we are doing in the area. To date we have planted more than 60,000 native trees, shrubs, and grasses to restore habitat. View details 15.3
29-Jul-2012 Frankston Beach Association Inc Any Frankston Vic Strengthening of dune planting to help stabilize dunes against erosion.Create a diverse ecosystem View details 15.5
29-Jul-2012 City of Port Phillip Any Elwood Vic Aiming to increase the plant biodiversity and carry out bush regeneration in the local area. This should result in an increase of local native species and better support and increase the habitat of the local wildlife. View details 16.5
29-Jul-2012 Friends of Gardiners Creek Valley Environmental Group Any GLEN IRIS Vic Revegetating indigenous species adjacent to the banks of Gardiners Creek, Glen Iris. View details 17.1


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