Melbourne gets a much needed drink.

We were all relieved to see rain sweeping across Victoria this morning. Empty water tanks and dry gardens were the major benefactor.

While it is raining, it is a great time to walk around with an umbrella and check your gutters and any pipes leading towards your tanks. You may be surprised at the leaks and blockages you didn’t know about

Make sure to check your gutters are clear, and that rain water is making it into your tanks.  There are more good rains ahead, so now is the time to make the most of them.

Autumn will now be a great time for new plantings. Get plants established before winter and then in spring they will burst away and then be well established before the heat of next summer.

If you are looking for a quality water tank, contact the team at the Smart Water Shop. They can deliver and install if required.


rain 26-2-2013

Much needed rain 26-2-2013

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