Ewood Raised Garden Beds

By James Wall

We have now set a few of these EWOOD garden beds up and I am becoming more impressed with the product every day.

Comes in many different sizes.


What is Ewood ?

The first tier.

Ewood is not actually wood. They are planks of extruded plastic that are made from recycled plastic that would normally go into landfill. This includes ink cartridge toners from printers and scraps from the manufacture of car parts. The outer plastic casings of old TV’s are also used.

As well as reducing landfill, ewood can be used instead of wood, which means we need to harvest less trees. It also does not rot, nor does it need to be painted and it is termite proof.

When making a raised garden bed out of Ewood, I could not believe how easy it is to set up. The first one I built was 2.4m x 1.2m and 400mm high –  and it took 45 minutes to build. That’s right 45 minutes, and all I needed was a cordless drill. That is because the raised garden beds come with bolts, and with pre-drilled holes that have a sort of steel thread in them. Gotta love that. Each level you build, stacks on top of each other with the corner lugs locking the system together with no bolts required. It is an ingenious design.

You make them a level at a time, and then stack them on top of each other.

The unique design also means you can fit the pieces in the boot of you car. Pieces are sold in sets of two, and being modular, you can have them in many different sizes.

Our 3 most popular sizes are:

2.4m x 1.2m x 400mm high

2m x 1m x 400mm high

1m x 1m x 400mm high

Ready to be filled with dirt.

Garden beds have a 20 year warranty, come in black only, but can be painted. They are a simple way to grow vegetables in a raised garden beds.

A square one.

Mmmm, now that I have built one, just need to fill it with the dirt. Going to use 50% sandy loam and 50% composted garden mix with some big chunky bits in it. That should work. Just gotta work out the most efficient way to put it in. Maybe its best to fill it with one tier, as you can still ramp the barrow in, but then add the other half may have to be done by shovel. Now where’s a couple of mates to help me ?

The corner stacking lug.

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