New cutting tools from Dramm.

By James Wall

John G Dramm

We have just received our first shipment of value priced cutting tools from Dramm. I have always admired the Dramm watering wands for their quality and usefulness when watering plants, so I was excited to give these new cutters a go. Dramm strives to produce products that save time and energy while providing quality products that will last a lifetime.

The Dramm products began in the 1940s. John G. Dramm produced cut flowers for his florist shop in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Johnny, as everyone knew him, always had a passion and a gift for invention. In order to water greenhouse crops quickly, Johnny saw the need for a nozzle to apply very large quantities of water in a soft stream. Thus, he designed the 400 Water Breaker.

400 water breaker

It applied water with no damage to plants. This nozzle is the standard of commercial growers worldwide. Various members of the Dramm family have been involved with the company ever since and the products are used commercially and domestically around the world.

What better way than to test these cutters on a big knarly old lemon tree.

The wood on a lemon tree is quite hard.

Compact Shears or snippers

After picking well over 500 lemons this year I have decided to give the tree a decent prune. But first I had to harvest the lemons, and this is where the compact shear has come into its own.

This tool is perfect for harvesting citrus, capsicums, chilli and many other fruits, vegetables and cut flowers. You do need to snip a lemon a ‘bit out’ from the lemon so as not to rip a little hole in the skin. Then of course the lemon will keep for much longer. These sharp compact shears are easy to open with one hand and are exceptionally sharp. The stainless steel blades look thick and should be able to be sharpened for many years. I would have to admit I really like them. They just feel, well useable, and just perfect for harvesting lemons.

Bypass Pruners

Next, out came the bypass pruners. This tool has rubber running along the outside of the handles which makes them very easy to grip. Again, the lock mechanism is just so easy to open and close with one hand. I found myself swapping from the snippers to the pruners with ease. This is a time saver. The pruners easily cut through wood as thick as 1 to 2 cm. I did feel a bit of hand soreness after about an hour, but these are not all day pruners, and that wood was pretty hard. Very occasionally I accidentally locked them shut when I didn’t mean to, but this is probably part of a learning how to use the tool. Overall, considering their price, I was mightily impressed.

Compact Pruners

The third pair of pruners which I didn’t use, are like a mini pair of pruners which might be good for very small hands.They won’t cut as thick as the larger by pass pruners, but would be perfect for soft growth pruning and shaping.

And the price ? we have decided to do a special, and you can by them online with FREE delivery Australia wide (this may be for a limited time).

$19.95 for the snippers and compact pruners AND $29.95 for the bypass pruners – quality tools at good value prices.

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