Fairy Magnolia Cream – fragrant early spring flowers.

This stunner of a plant is looking at its absolute best right now ! Fairy Magnolia Cream (Also available is Fairy Magnolia Blush). What we love about it is that the half open flowers look like a tight tulip, but then open into a gorgeous lush flower.

This Tesselaar plant release has masses of creamy fragrant flowers. It is an evergreen variety, but being more a shrub than a tree, it won’t get as big as a Little Gem magnolia. It will still get 3 to 4 metre after around 7 years, but it is not a big thick trunked plant, and it could be pruned to be much shorter than that. It can be trained to one leader, or trimmed so to branch more as a bush. It is quite an elegant grower, and at this time of year has fragrant cream flowers up to 6cm wide. It will flkower through to November and may even spot flower throughout the year.

Fabulous for hedges but can also be espaliered, or used in topiary. It would make a great specimen plant either ina pot or in the ground. The plant will tolerate a wide range of conditions once established, and benefits from moderate moisture when establishing. Can tolerate temperatures of up to 45 deg C down to -10 deg C. Plant 1 metre apart to create a hedge and up to 1.5 metres apart for a looser screen. Flowers from September to November, with spot flowering throughout the year. It will take sun and partial shade which makes it a most adaptable plant.(doltsopa x Yunnanensis x figo cross)

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  1. Sylvia Lau says:

    Your description of the Fairy Magnolia sounds lovely. I am looking for 2 to 3 plants that hopefully do not grow taller than 3 metres and not more than about 1 metre wide, to go along a fence line bordering my neighbour. I need to be aware of the root system as my neighbour has a very narrow garden bed on the other side of the fence, then paving, which she does not want lifted by plant roots. Would this plant be suitable for my purpose, your suggestions would be appreciated. Or could you suggest any other plants. I like an attractive garden, though I do feel that I want and extremely sculptured look in this area.
    Thanking you,

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