The giant agave that took 20 years to flower.

Thanks to Collector’s Corner, we have some pretty amazing agave here at Gardenworld.

One of them is this massive Agave parryi hybrid. The original variety was native to New Mexico, Arizona and northern Mexico.

Generally the flower colour will be a pale yellow, but being a hybrid, we are not quite sure what colour this one will be yet.

This huge flower stem has taken 2 months to get to this size and will take a full 12 months to flower from start to end. At one stage it looked like a giant asparagus spear. Now it looks like something invasive out of Dr Who.

The plant has taken 20 years to flower.  This one is currently higher than our flag pole and is located near the cafe. Please don’t get too close – it has massive spikes – and for that reason we don’t recommend it for a conventional home garden.

Sadly, it is a terminal flower, which means the plant will probably produce a few pups at its base, and then die.



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