How to make a Succulent Tin Container

By Bonnie-Marie Hibbs.

Our garden sheds and garages are a classic hiding spot for all those old items that we forget we even have. There have been countless of times I have gone through and cleaned out my shed and thrown away items that could have been repurposed in the garden. I look back on some of those items and think to myself,  ‘I could have used that to make a really interesting planter pot’.

Over the years I have started to ‘up-cycle’ old objects and turn them into unique containers for my plants. Featured around my garden are an assortment of old strainers, tins, spoons and many more objects that I have turned into fun eye-catching containers. When creating these pots I love to plant them up with a variety of different succulents and cacti. I find these types of plants to be great because they are very reliable and don’t require much maintenance to keep them happy in smaller containers. There are also a huge variety of textures and colours to choose from and you can create some very beautiful containers!

In this video I show you how you can make your very own succulent tin container and it is super easy and quick to make. They are also a great gift for anyone who just starting to grow succulents for the first time and are a fun gift to even the experienced gardener.

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