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Quality cover pots made in Germany by SK

A favourite of both Gardenworld staff and people around the globe, Soendgen Keramic (often shortened to SK) is a German company who have been creating some of the most iconic and loved cover pot designs used around the world since 1893. Some of their most popular designs include:

  • The Boston, with it’s textured and indented finish creates an interesting and dynamic looking pot, which is sure to enhance the presentation of your plants
  • The Basel with it’s refined and gentle curves provides a refined take on the classic pot design
  • The Miami uses a much more cylindrical design language, with a flat bottom and a precise curve and finish, the Miami is a great fit for workplace or modern home setting

The key difference between regular pots and cover pots is that with cover pots you can simply slide the existing plastic pot into the cover pot and cover pots do not feature drainage holes (all pots produced by Soendgen are waterproof.)

Soendgen Keramic place a high priority on both quality German-made products and environmentally friendly, they have implemented several initiatives such as the use of only natural domestic clay, heat recovery, closed rainwater cycles and continuous optimization of their material management. So you can rest easy knowing your SK pot has been not only held to stringent quality standards but has also been produced by a company committed to sustainable initiatives.




New Release – Calathea Fusion White

CALATHEA LABEL FUSION WHITEGardenworld is pleased to announce our new release, the Calathea Fusion White, This leafy indoor plant is characterised by it’s distinctive marbleised white, green and purple leaves and is now available at both Gardenworld Bayside and Braeside.

Calatheas are currently one of the most popular indoor varieties and prefer light shade or dappled light, they enjoy humidity which can be simulated by misting their leaves which can be done regularly – also avoid letting the roots dry out.

The Calathea is not toxic to pets and can grow to around 60 cm in height. The plants unique colours make it a great fit for indoor settings, it works particularly well with white walls or furnishings, the white allows it to fit in, while the colour makes it an eye-catching yet subtle choice.

This plant is perfect to provide a little colour and style to your home or office, Calatheas also work to naturally purify the air around you. This is a perfect plant for those seeking a plant to be a centrepiece in a display or room. The plant should be re-potted during spring season once every 2 years, just in a somewhat bigger pot if the roots have consumed all the space in the current pot.

Calathea Fusion White in Dallas Esprit Matte White from SK


We Love Indoor Plants

By James Wall

We love indoor plants, or any sort of plant that can in any way be grown inside a house, for both pleasure, and to clean air. 

One of our more creative staff members, Greg, has just planted out 10 classic indoor plants in 10 classic pots. 

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