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Autumn Rose Spectacular in full bloom.

Story & Photography by: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs.

If you happened to stop by Gardenworld over the weekend you may have noticed the abundance of bright coloured blooms that the Rose Society of Victoria had on display. Displayed were some of the society’s best performing roses for flower form, colour and fragrance.

The brightly coloured blooms were a big show stopper as you walked into Gardenworld Nursery. There were close to a hundred different coloured blooms on display for the public to enjoy. The roses ranged from vibrant yellows, orange and reds to the dusky romantic pinks.


Bella Rose is a low growing floribunda rose which is very disease resistant once established. Beautiful pink blooms form in clusters and repeatedly blooming throughout the growing season. The flowers have a sweet and subtle fragrance.

Brass Band

Brass Band produces vibrant apricot flowers in multiple clusters (floribunda) atop of the bush which are strong fragrance. The vibrant blooms contrast beautifully with the dark glossy green leaves making them great for the purpose of cut flowers. Growing to a height of 1.3metres and growing to a width of 1.5metres makes this a perfect bush rose in the garden.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is a rose with a vintage form which reminds many garden lovers of English roses. The rich pink coloured blooms have a very strong scent which will last for days! Each of the rosette shaped blooms has up to 70 petals making them a real show stopper! You can expect repeated flowering throughout the growing seasons (Spring and Summer) and even into late Autumn. Growing to a height and width of 1.5metres this could be the perfect rose to fill a gap in the garden with!

Many of the roses that were on display over the weekend are available at our nursery. For any questions or request as to what we might have in stock contact us via phone or email.



Autumn Rose Spectacular in full bloom.

After two beautiful days of weekend weather, we are recovering from one of our biggest events of the year – our rose show.

The quality of blooms were top quality and thanks goes out to The Rose Society, Nieuwesteeg Roses,  Black Marvel Rose Food, Grow Better and  Neutrog for their support.

Special thanks to The Rose Society. Without their expert advice and home grown roses, we would not have a show.

Here are some pictures of the show. Enjoy the blooms!



Dame Elisabeth Murdoch


City Of Newcastle


New release Black Marvel rose food.

waterways friendlyThere is now a new option for rose fertiliser in Victoria. Richgro in conjunction with Gardenworld have just made available Black Marvel Premium Rose Food.

This product has been available for a number of years in Western Australia. It is renowned for having a low phosphorus content, making it safer for waterways. High levels of water soluble phosphorus can contribute to algal blooms in our waterways, rivers and water reservoirs. This product was designed with consideration for this environmental issue.

This fertiliser is specially formulated for roses. It is carefully balanced and contains all the essential nutrients plus trace elements required for the optimum growth and health. It is very high in iron which will promote deep green leaves, strong roots and healthy plant growth. It is also very high in potash which ensures lots of colourful, healthy blooms. There is also a good balance of trace elements for rose growth and general health.

All round it seems like a professionally formulated mix with a good balance between nitrogen and potassium. You will need an air tight container to put it in as it 

Black Marvel 2.5 kg pack

2.5 kg and 5kg bags available

comes in a non-sealable bag and there is no measuring spoon so will have to weigh the first 30 grams just to calculate how much to give each rose. Judging buy this formulation though, it will be worth it, as a measured dose should minimise your chance of any surplus fertiliser being washed away. Sometimes this can be more beneficial for the environment than organic fertiliser that can sometimes be more easily be over used, causing more pollution after heavy rainfall than a measured dose of a professionally formulated recommended doseage. Of course soil types and other variables can also affect how much of the fertiliser a plant will use up.

The product is also well priced when you consider how small a dosage you need for each rose. It compares favourably with other rose foods on the market.


Richgro recommends to apply after pruning and once a month until the start of Winter. We believe you should also look at your leaf colour to determine if the plant needs a feed. It is easy to see a rich , lush green well fed rose compared to a harder looking, veiny or yellowy rose leaf.

The proof is in the pudding and I guess we will soon have plenty of feedback on just how good the Black Marvel Premium Rose Food proves to be for Victorian rose growers.


Established Roses: apply 30 grams per plant.

New Roses including bare root roses: apply 10 grams per plant.

Miniature roses and roses in pots:  use half quoted rates.

Also available online for Melbourne delivery – click here.

Black Marvel Premium Rose Food

Rose Pruning goes off without a nick

Diana in action on the long handled loppers.

Diana in action on the long handled loppers.

Last Saturday saw Diana Fickling from the Rose Society. Diana says, “pruning is a very important part of rose care, for without correct pruning, over time the plant’s flowering capacity will diminish”.

A good turn out enjoyed the intricate pruning and sawing techniques and seemed to leave a lot more confidence on how they would tackle their own roses this year.

If you haven’t been able to see one of the demonstrations, don’t be too worried as you can’t really do much damage to your roses by pruning, so why not have a go. Not only will it be good for the rose, it will also portray a neat and tidy look in your garden.

Make sure you remove any leaves off the ground as they may be harbouring black spot spores which will jump onto your new growth. If you had black spot problems with all the wet weather this year, consider using lime sulphur on your roses whilst they have no leaves on them over the winter.

When you see some new growth after winter, give them a good feed and they will be off and growing for a whole new season. They will be invigorated !


Rose pruning demonstration

there was a big turnout for the 1.30 session

The next rose pruning sessions will be held at Gardenworld Nursery on July 7th at 11 am and 1.30 pm. The sessions are free and there is no need to book – just turn up on the day and you are guaranteed to learn something new about the wonderful plant called the rose.

Speaking of new, many of our new season roses have now arrived and are available for sale. There are some awesome varieties, including One Love.

One Love

One Love

Growers Notes : this little gem flowers continuously over glossy green foliage. the ageing smokey purple in the flower will be more dominant in warmer temps, holding more pink tones in cooler weather. no doubt One Love will be different for everybody .

One Love

One Love



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