Gardensmart Autopot Hydroponics

There is always something awesome growing in and around GardenSmart. Jim Fah is the inventor and creator of AutoPot Systems – Plant Driven watering and feeding systems used throughout the world.

GardenSmart is the Australian distributor and home of AutoPot!. Come and learn about his amazing invention and view the extensive display of over 500 plants being maintained using the Smart-valve that exists in each growing module. AutoPot Systems makes gardening easy and versatile from the novice right through to experienced grower.

• AutoPot System kits
• fertilizers
• hanging baskets
• self watering pots
• greenhouses
• potting benches
• plant stands
• propagation tools and accessories
• lighting
• aquaponics supplies
• hydroponics supplies

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday – 9am – 5pm
Sunday – 11am – 3pm

Phone: (03) 9701 8811

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