Proteaflora founded in 1974 is one of the leading growers and trendsetters for these unique beautiful plants. They pride themselves on growing a top-quality plant which will provide you with many years of enjoyment in the garden.

The full range of Proteaflora plants:
Aulax: These wonderful plants are not as well known but they make for a stunning feature in the garden. Grown mainly for their beautiful appearance and neat growth habit these South African natives are real eye-catching plant.
Mimetes: A range of rare and wonderful plants. The flowers are very unique making them some of the most requested plants within the Proteaflora range.
Leucadendron: These amazing plants are grown for their highly decorative foliage and colourful pigments. Their flowers emerge at the foliage tips and are beautiful as cut flowers.
Leucospermum: Stunning, pincushion flowers decorate the whole plant for a show-stopping display. Flowers range from fiery reds to sunburnt orange to bright yellows.
Protea: The king of all flowers these stately blooms are like nothing you have ever seen before! Their flowers range from unique colour combinations, textured bloom, size and shapes.
Telopea: The only Australian natives in the Proteaflora range. These wonderful plants have a shorter life span but will reward you with their large coloured blooms. Flowers range from deep reds through to pink, yellow and white. Commonly known as the Waratah.
Berzelia: A wonderful shrub which produces clusters of flowers. The foliage is fine, pine-like, on soft stems. Very tough, robust plants ideal for smaller garden spaces.
Phylica: Plants from the Rhamnaceae family. Highly sought after for their beautiful feathery foliage.

Plant deliveries are to Melbourne metro area only.

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