The great bougainvillea wall of Brisbane

By James Wall.

Upon a recent trip to Brisbane, we found this amazing wall with espaliered bougainvillea growing along wires. The differing angles of the steel, and the fact that the wall was curved, created a sensual, groovy, and artistic display of vertical gardening.

It was located on the Southbank, a place on the river that absolutely buzzes with people and activities. There is civic work that has been done to this area over many decades, which has resulted in true gem of a place in a large city.

When I mentioned the bougainvillea wall to a couple of locals that I knew from the local nursery industry, they were surprised that it looked that good. For many years, they felt it had struggled  to perform and was not in a great state. They were very keen to go and visit it again.

Some of the new bougainvilleas are not as out of control as the older varieties. Also seen right on the river were these dwarf varieties, absolutely loving the conditions. The plants struggle a bit in Melbourne’s winters and that’s why we don’t recommend planting them until the warmer weather arrives – November would be perfect, as it gives them months to establish before the next winter.

For more information about bougainvillea, check this story out here.

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