Autumn Rose Spectacular in full bloom.

Story & Photography by: Bonnie-Marie Hibbs.

If you happened to stop by Gardenworld over the weekend you may have noticed the abundance of bright coloured blooms that the Rose Society of Victoria had on display. Displayed were some of the society’s best performing roses for flower form, colour and fragrance.

The brightly coloured blooms were a big show stopper as you walked into Gardenworld Nursery. There were close to a hundred different coloured blooms on display for the public to enjoy. The roses ranged from vibrant yellows, orange and reds to the dusky romantic pinks.


Bella Rose is a low growing floribunda rose which is very disease resistant once established. Beautiful pink blooms form in clusters and repeatedly blooming throughout the growing season. The flowers have a sweet and subtle fragrance.

Brass Band

Brass Band produces vibrant apricot flowers in multiple clusters (floribunda) atop of the bush which are strong fragrance. The vibrant blooms contrast beautifully with the dark glossy green leaves making them great for the purpose of cut flowers. Growing to a height of 1.3metres and growing to a width of 1.5metres makes this a perfect bush rose in the garden.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is a rose with a vintage form which reminds many garden lovers of English roses. The rich pink coloured blooms have a very strong scent which will last for days! Each of the rosette shaped blooms has up to 70 petals making them a real show stopper! You can expect repeated flowering throughout the growing seasons (Spring and Summer) and even into late Autumn. Growing to a height and width of 1.5metres this could be the perfect rose to fill a gap in the garden with!

Many of the roses that were on display over the weekend are available at our nursery. For any questions or request as to what we might have in stock contact us via phone or email.



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