Foodcube makes growing veggies easy

foodcubeGardenworld is pleased to announce¬†the Biofilta Foodcube planter. The foodcube is a revolutionary new Australian made product which is made out of 100% recycled plastic. It’s modular design system allows for easy linking and connection of multiple foodcubes.

The foodcube features a huge 110 litre water reservoir and a 90mm connection point which can be linked to other foodcubes or a water source. Inbuilt soil cones automatically wick water into the soil from the reservoir while side posts aerate the soil

The foodcube is long lasting, has low water use, adjustable water height and can be modified with different facades or aesthetic features to your personal taste.

The foodcube’s dimensions are: 1140mm x 1140mm x 495mm and it provides a square metre of growing space. Available add-ons include a trellis kit, height extension and is compatible with various netting and cover systems.

Put simply the foodcube is the easiest way we know to be successful with growing herbs and vegetables. The fact that it has a water reservoir means that you can leave it for a week, come back and your vegetables and herbs are still alive and thriving. Official product release date: 1/8/19 available for pre-order now here.





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