Paul Bangay’s Stonefields

By Tim White. Having booked tickets to see Paul Bangay’s “Stonefields” garden in support of Stephanie Alexander’s Kitchen Garden Foundation (a not-for-profit charity that delivers food education to Australian children) a couple of months ago, we were looking forward to seeing this magnificent garden and hoping the weather would be kind to us. Fortunately we …

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The coolest cubby house in the street.

By James Wall. What do you get when some of Australia’s finest architects and construction companies get together and build cubby houses. You get the coolest cubby houses in the street. If you’re obsessed with keeping up with the Jones’, you can out-do them buy getting one of these. But history says they won’t come …

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A Melbourne garden in March

By James Wall. Walking around the nursery, it seems there is a lot to be done. There are a whole lot of plants that prefer to be planted at this time of year and we are determined to plant as many of these plants as we possibly can. Of course the daylight lengths are also …

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For the love of trees.

We often take trees for granted – they are just there. This was  a scene portrayed to me on ABC TV show Lateline tonight: Imagine  that you go for your evening walk, some of you with a dog, and all of a sudden there are no trees and no shade. This is what happened recently …

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How to present the garden when selling property.

By James Wall. Selling property is one of the biggest changes you will make in life. Whether it be the home you live in or an investment property, the main aim is to sell it for as much as possible. Whilst many vendors are keen to de-clutter the house, employ a stylist and even hire …

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Garden Clubs alive and well.

By James Wall. Garden Clubs seem to be having a resurgence. Last week I spoke at the Frankston Garden Club and there was a good turnout of at least 40 odd members. A couple of days later I was at the Mill Park Garden Club and there were even more people. It was a long …

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A Melbourne garden in February.

By James Wall. It’s a celebration of flowers in the month of February. Hibiscus are blooming, as are dahlias, geraniums, sunflowers, fountain grass and even some golden oldies such as cleome and gaura. A lot of plants are at their peak, enjoying the long days of sunshine. Here is a piece about my observations this …

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Cot N Candy – is it an apricot or a plum?

By James Wall. One of the highlights of my summer has been harvesting the fruit from my Cot N Candy tree. This is a tree I have now grown for about six years. After  the third year, there was a bit of disappointment in this tree. It was becoming a big strong tree, but there …

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Zinnia becomes the first to flower in outer space.


Ahhh, this time of year the zinnia’s love the warm Melbourne weather. If its cold and wet, they very quickly succumb to some bacterial spots on the leaves. Warm days and enough water however and zinnias thrive. But now, NASA astronaut Scott Kelly has tweeted images of the first flower to be grown in space …

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How To Make A Succulent Christmas Gift.


Succulent Gift Box Each year I love getting creative and coming up with new ways to decorate around the house for Christmas by using plants. Here is a fun and easy tutorial that I created to show you how you can make this succulent present, which would be a fun addition to the Christmas table …

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