Beautiful large elegant blooms which are a treasure to have in the garden.

There are three main types of Peonies:

  • Herbaceous Peony: The most commonly grown form in gardens around the world. These stunning flowers are range in size, colour and formations. The whole plant will die back to soil level each year and re-emerge in the spring. These are deciduous plants.
  • Tree Peony: Wonderful woody stems lead to larger, uniquely formed flowers. Taller growing shrubs to 1 metre, in the Autumn the foliage changes from green to yellow before dropping in Winter. These are deciduous plants.
  • Intersectional (Itoh) Peony: A hybrid between the tree and herbaceous peony. The flowers resemble that of a Tree peony and the large lush foliage of the herbaceous types. Flowers can range in colours, forms and reach the size of a dinner a plate.

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