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Melbourne Flower & Garden Show 2019

Ok, so it was called The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, brought to you by Lawn Solutions, or more colloquially as MIFGS. Blah blah blah. (Personally I think it should just be called The Melbourne Flower Show). All photos below are in no particular order and on no particular day, using an iphone 7plus …

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Epic flowers of the Dahlia Society.

Written and photos by Bonnie-Marie Hibbs.  The Dahlia Society of Victoria was first established in 1960 by a group of enthusiastic lovers of the brilliant blooms. Their aim was to share not only their love for these flowers but the culture behind the Dahlias as well. The society is going strong and continues to hold …

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Growing herbs – fresh, easy and cost effective.

Herbs Have you ever gone to the fridge to grab the fresh cut herbs you bought from the supermarket, only to find they are limp and lifeless? Wouldn’t it be nice to just nip out to the back yard or your balcony and pick herbs that are home grown? Growing herbs are both easy and …

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Persimmon – an attractive tree to grow.

By Dennis Ting. Why are persimmon trees so attractive? For a start they have glossy green leaves in summer followed by colourful fruit and then beautiful autumn foliage colours of yellows reds and purple hues. They are fairly low maintenance in terms of pests and diseases. Furthermore they can fruit early in three years or …

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