Hyacinth – Delft Blue – 3 Bulbs


Hyacinth – Delft Blue – 3 Bulbs

Hyacinthus orientalis

Beautiful fragrant sky blue flowers. Easy to grow. Great planted in pots/containers but also works well in the garden. Makes a wonderful cut flower.


Height: 20-25cm
Planting Time: Plant from March onwards
Depth: Plant 12cm deep.
Flowering: Spring.
Positioning: Prefers a full sun or partial shade position, but will not thrive in heavily shaded areas.
Soil: A well drained organically rich soil is best.
Cultivation: Pre-chill bulbs 4-6 weeks prior to planting. For best results in the next season remove spent flower stems and continue to water and feed the plant until all the foliage turns yellow and dies down. Lift bulbs and store in a cool, well ventilated, dry environment, ready to replant the following season.
Protect from snails and slugs.

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